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Goya Blue

Honey Bear - Kids Breakfast / Dinner Set

Honey Bear - Kids Breakfast / Dinner Set

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This rustic natural olive wood kid's breakfast/dinner set is designed for little hands and is ideal for babies and toddlers. Handcrafted from a single piece of wood from the olive trees of the legendary Mount Ida. 

The gorgeous irregular patterns of the olive wood will stimulate imaginative minds, and the cute teddy shape makes them appealing to children. The divided plate has 3 sections, perfect for serving many different combinations of snacks and meals. Our range of plates and cutlery for kids is the perfect natural and sustainable gift option for little ones.

This wooden plate and cutlery set is safe and free from any preservatives and chemicals. They are 100% natural, non-toxic, and with antibacterial properties naturally present in the wood itself.

Add a stunning ambiance to your baby's and toddler's dinner table with this artfully hand-crafted olive wood kid's set. The perfect gift idea for Christmas, baby shower, birthday, or new parents. Elevate your child's dining experience and serve delicious ingredients in a natural way at home.

This set contains:

1 X Teddy shaped plate

1 X Teddy shaped spoon

1 X Teddy shaped fork

1 X teddy shaped knife

All Handmade, All Unique

These sets are handmade by master craftsmen and each one is completely unique, featuring the unmistakable marbling effect of the olive tree.

The possibilities are endless, from finger foods, first tastes, and weaning recipes, to smaller portions of adult meals.  Our kitchenware also acts as natural and earthy home decor, stack them upright on your worktop, mix sizes and shapes for more texture and depth.

Signature luxury gift packaging

This and all other products from Goya Blue come in our signature luxury gift packaging. This includes a rigid box that can be used to keep the set, or as a decorative box for other items. Our premium quality filler and wrapping help to ensure the safety of your items and protect them in transit. The luxury packaging also acts as a means to enhance the gift experience by adding textures and layering the opening process.


100% natural non-toxic olive wood with antibacterial properties naturally present within the wood itself. It comes with %100 natural olive oil coating.


Cutlery Set: L 14cm, W 3.5cm, H 3.5cm x 3
Plate: L 22cm W 22cm H 3cm

Care Instructions

Goya Blue olive wood products will remain in your family for decades with a little bit of TLC. All items arrive to you polished and protected with high-quality olive oil. To keep the longevity of your piece, we suggest hand cleaning only with warm soapy water, lemon and salt is another natural alternative. The wood must not be left in water for long periods of time. To keep your piece healthy you can apply olive or vegetable oil with a cloth after it dries, this will help to protect the surface whilst adding shine and enhancing those beautifully marbled pigments.


Every item we produce is unique. The images above show you a sample, the grain, size and thickness will vary slightly from item to item. Due to our products initially being manufactured by nature herself, some models, especially the 'live edge' items, can contain small cracks and the bark can start to erode over time - this is normal for live edge olive wood unless it has been treated by harsh chemicals and preservatives. Live edge items may also contain wormholes in the bark, this is because we do not use any pesticides or chemicals during our process. We try to keep things as kind and safe as possible by drying our wood using a kiln process, this guarantees that there are no live insects in any of the items.

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Every single piece is unique

We create beautifully handmade home kitchenware products. We work with artisans throughout the mediterranean, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials.

  • Premium Gift Boxes

    Goya Blue products are packaged in luxury gift boxes that can be used as a standalone box which makes them perfect gifts for weddings, housewarmings, anniversaries, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or other family gatherings and special occasions.

  • Gifts that last a lifetime

    Goya Blue products will remain in your family for decades with a little bit of TLC. All wood items arrive to you polished and protected with high-quality olive oil.