We are Goya blue

Bringing handcrafted products from Mother Nature to your home.

The ethos behind Goya Blue is a passion for the creativity and beauty of nature. The word Goya comes from “Gaia”, and Blue symbolises the the endless sky and oceans of our beautiful world.

We create beautifully handmade home and lifestyle products. We work with artisans throughout the world, combining timeless design with traditional skills and natural materials. Whether it's the makers distinctive style, the character of the piece or the inspiration behind it's origins, there's always more to tell than meets the eye. 

Every product has a story.

Lucy and Ertu, the faces behind Goya Blue. A husband and wife team who share a passion for Artisans and small producers to find beautiful and sustainable products crafted using natural materials, those that truly spark something special when you spot them

Meet The Founders

Lucy and Ertu, the faces behind Goya Blue. A husband and wife team who share a passion for finding unique beauty on their travels. ‘We search for Artisans and small producers to find beautiful products crafted using natural materials, those that truly spark something special when you spot them.

On a spontaneous trip a few years ago, we happened upon a tiny rural village in the North Aegean region of Turkey. We met Hatice, who inspired and amazed me with her skill and knowledge of rug making and natural materials. These techniques and knowledge of the natural world, including how to make elemental wool dyes mirroring the richest colours of the rainbow, had been passed down through generations, a fading skill we were told. Nobody is interested in learning these techniques anymore, there aren’t many of us left who weave entirely by hand, most people use a hand held machine now, or are factory produced. Hatice showed us her loom, and nestled inside was the most intricate and vibrant rug. She was in the process of hand-weaving it together, between looking after her family and farm. I saw powdered dyes she’d made from pomegranate and the petals of vivid blue flowers, cosy heaps of wool ready to be brushed out. A happy, soulful home. We knew we had to share these treasures, and that was the day Goya Blue was born.

Our next adventure took us to Ayvalik, watching earthy warm olive wood transforming into works of art through skilled and patient hands. I could see the pride in every piece. We aren’t into fast fashion, we’re in it for the long haul, for quality, sustainability and timeless beauty. We want to actively support artisans to thrive and we believe in fair trade and meaningful relationships with our makers. For this reason take the time to get to know them and their artistry, that is very important to us. Not only to commit to fair trade, but also to ensure that the products are of the highest quality, are ethically sound and sustainably crafted.


Legend of Olive Tree, and old Olive tree on a beautiful sunset.

From Athena to Us

In the Greek mythology Athena competed with Poseidon for the patronage of Athens. Poseidon smashed his three-pronged trident upon the hard rock of the Acropolis, which unleashed a spring. Whilst Athena, produced an Olive tree, with its silvery-green leaves and abundance of rich fruits. Cecrops accepted this gift and declared Athena the patron goddess of Athens.

The magnificent olive tree has been cherished for centuries, not only for its olives, but for its exquisite marbled wood. This rich dense wood is extremely hardwearing, stain and water resistant, and can last for decades. Our fine products are expertly crafted with hand tools, and no chemicals are used whatsoever. Each piece is specially prepared and shaped because olive wood grows in a charismatic twisted and irregular fashion. Our wood possesses unique natural antibacterial properties making it perfectly suited to use in the home and kitchen. Compared to other olive wood products on the market,GoyaBluestands out for its quality and craftsmanship. We only select the most beautifully marbled wood to ensure a consistent standard, all products come sanded polished to silky smooth perfection unlike others which may have a coarse surface. Our olive wood is polished and protected with exceptional locally grown olive oil and nothing more. This piece began its life in western Turkey in an area famed for the quality of its trees. In a bid to protect nature, we only ever source our materials from logs which have already been locally cut for combustible reasons, and no trees have been cut specifically for the purpose of making our products.